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Thursday, August 16

new leaked bezel shows latest Nokia WP8 device.

Less than a couple of days after the first bezel showing a Nokia 4.3inch WP8 phone leaked, another bezel has been exposed from the same source at ALPS (makers of smartphone bezels).

here is the image...

this is different from the other bezel we saw just a few days ago..

They are obviously different devices..

And if you remember the device we saw last week...

So far we have seen 3 different parts of Nokia's upcoming WP8 devices..

Here is a nice line-up put together by the talented guys at WMPU:

Nokia has 3 WP8 devices coming up, and we might as well be lookiing at them... Though it does look like the first one and the last one look the same?

We will know for sure, come sept 5th when Nokia unveils them!

source: WMPU


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