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Wednesday, August 29

New Teaser video from Nokia... Girl, Bicycle, Pier. I don't get it

I remember the last time Nokia put out a teaser video, I remember because it was that long ago. Back in February when Nokia released this teaser clip...

We all knew it had something to do with imagery, and the teaser really gave us a definitive hint on what to expect.
Now fast forward to present day, Nokia has put out another teaser video, a run up to what to expect from them on Sept 5th (a week from today) and here it is...

I have no clue what this video means, it's a 21sec clip of a girl riding a bicycle down a pier, with the caption "Things are about to change" (that's what Obama said!.. they haven't) or what Nokia is trying to tell us other than something new is coming and it is going to change the game.

some might deduce that its about pureview on the new Lumia WP8 device, If I should guess I would say it is something we haven't seen before... obviously!


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