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Sunday, August 26

Nokia Classics #7 Nokia 6600

The Nokia 6600, of all the phones Nokia released in the pre-touchphone era, this had the best design #imho, released 2004, the 6600 became an instant hit. it futuristic design, the new form factor and its ruggedness, even made some to believe this was the 3310's true successor, but as we know the 3310 can never have a successor, it's ONE OF A KIND.
And here is the best part, the Nokia 6600 even took the leading role in the 2004 thriller action hit movie: Cellular! starring then new stars; Chris Evans and Jason Statham, with William H. Macy and Kim Basinger.

Check out this trailer for the movie, though it is really a trailer for the Nokia 6600..

But here is a more formal introduction to the Nokia 6600, I remember that evil russian scientist looking model on the box, checking out the phone... good ol' days

I wish Nokia can bring back such innovative design, though they did with the N9, but more please!


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