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Wednesday, August 15

Nokia + Microsoft set to announce WP8 phones on Sept 5th in NYC

Nokia and Microsoft are have an invite-only joint-press event in New York City, US on September 5th, and yes it is on the same day Nokia World will be running all the way in Finland.

here is the invite sent to lucky attendees! it is in the new WP8 start screen format, that can only mean one thing...

Curious to know which one Stephen Elop will be attending, I'm going to assume Elop will be in Finland, naturally of course and then maybe a big man from Microsoft will be at the NYC event, probably Joe Belfiore? or maybe we will see Steve Ballmer, though I highly doubt that. It's not that big an event.

What's certain is that Nokia will reveal its line of Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th.
Heck, we might even see a Nokia tablet? who knows? :)
Are you ready, I've been ready for the past one and a half years!


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