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Thursday, August 23

Nokia Phi and Nokia ACDC coming to At&t; this November, also Nokia WP8 phones for Verizon & T-Mobile

I got tipped this morning that Nokia will be releasing their WP8 phones to major US carriers with At&t, Verizon and T-Mobile.
Sadly, Sprint is still M.I.A, maybe they are content with Android and Apple's iPhone (After all, they did just start selling the iPhone a year ago).

According to sources, At&t will get 2 Nokia WP8 phones, they are the Nokia Phi (Highest end) and the Nokia ACDC (high end), I remember reading something about this device in the past.

Verizon will get the Nokia Atlas (as you might have already read about).

And T-Mobile oddly enough will be getting just one Nokia WP8 device, this is the Nokia Arrow, I know T-Mobile to be a very loyal Nokia partner, mainly cos consumers on the east coast love Nokia, and TMobile is really BIG on the east coast, they even  released the Symbian-running Nokia Astound (Nokia C7)! So I find it odd they will be releasing just one Nokia WP8 device, this device is the Nokia Arrow (sure you have heard of this by now).

The Arrow and the ACDC are similar, the difference is that they are Vendor specific and just like S.Elop said, these carrier devices will have unique features that set them apart from one another.

Also, remember that those aren't the only WP8 phones that will be available come 1st week of November, Samsung and HTC also have WP8 devices coming to these carriers.
 It is Important to note that the names ACDC, Phi, Arrow, Atlas are all internal codenames that will never see the light of day, they are used internally by Nokia and upon launch we will get to hear the names we are used to, Lumia 8xx, 9xx.

 It is good to see Verizon getting along with Nokia again, the last time they hooked up, they bore this monster...

God Awful!


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