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Thursday, August 9

Nokia sells QT to software firm Digia

Only a week ago we reported that Nokia was about to sell its QT division, sold it QT office in Australia and laid off members of its QT team. Only a week ago, it was just speculation, today it's official.
Nokia has sold its QT framework to Finnish software firm, Digia, giving them full control of the framework. Apparently, this buyout has been in the works since March, when Digia bought QT commercial licensing and services business

QT framework allows you to write apps across multiple platforms (desktop, tablet, phones...) without having to rewrite the source code.

Digia announced in a press release that one of its priorities after the acquisition is to allow Qt apps to run on Android, iPhone and the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platforms. Qt is currently used on Symbian, Linux, MAC OSX and windows

The sale of QT comes as no surprise as Nokia looks to focus solely on making Nokia Windows Phones and QT was just another distraction.

Source: ComputerWorld


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