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Monday, August 6

Nokia set to announce Windows Phone 8 devices this Sept at Nokia World? WOW! I'm absolutely stunned! #Sarcasm

So I woke up this morning to the news that Bloomberg got informed by a very credible source that Nokia was going to announce their Windows Phone 8 device at next month's Nokia World in Finland, this is an invitation only event for Operators and Retail Partners.

I really don't see how this is news, and it's laughable to see every blog reporting on this like it was news, really?! What exactly did we think Nokia was going to unveil? a new hybrid, gravoty-defying auto-mobile? please! I guess there isn't news today then.
On the upside, Nokia's stock went up 5.41% to close at $2.51/share following the news from bloomberg, so I do owe them one!

I don't see Nokia's stock doing bad from this point on, as you know we are only a month away from Nokia World event and the unveiling of their WP8 range of devices, by this time next month Nokia should officially give specifics on its devices and availablity dates and what they can do, then their stock can only go up!


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