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Friday, August 31

Nokia TGIF: Nokia's taking jabs at Samsung.

I never thought I would see the day Samsung would make phones out of metal and Nokia made plastic, it has happened.
Samsung unveiled the first windows phone 8 device, made of metal (brushed aluminum) while Nokia is most likely going to stick with its polycarbonate plastic. But guess what? It's still tougher than metal samsung!

Nokia's become a whole different company since S.Elop arrival as CEO, and that's evident in the way they now attack their competitors.

The last month has seen somewhat direct attacks at Samsung from Nokia, and whie some might say this is douchebag behaviour, I beg to differ, Nokia's no longer in #1 position like they were 5-7yrs ago, back then they didn't need to attack anyone they were on top. Well, things have changed and these subtle jabs by Nokia is to remind people who's Boss, but really all these jabs at samsung do is create buzz, and buzz is what Nokia needs as they announce their next generation windows phone on the 5th of Sept.

The first Right Hand Jab:

 Chris Weber, Nokia US President politely asked Samsung to pay attention to the upcoming Lumia phones. Evidently, Chris Weber probably already saw Samsung's Ativ S WP8 phone and wasn't impressed!

The Left hand Jab:

Have you ever crashed a party? No? Well, Nokia did, not just any party, Nokia crashed Samsung's "unveiling Ativ S" party, they came equipped with placards too, they read different messages on each side, messages like "Samsung, Nokia welcomes you back to windows phone" obviously this was meant to imply that while Samsung felt android was supposed to be their saviour, it put them in a $1Billion mess so they came back to windows phone!, and might I add these placards were shaped like Lumia tiles! how thoughtful!

Here are photos (courtesy: Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog) of the Nokia Party crashers, obviously Samsung security didn't see this coming...


The Double-fisted Punch:

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard that Samsung was fined $1Billion for Patent infringement against Apple. Apple sued Samsung for copying their phone's form factor as well as certain UI traits, in court, Apple even introduced Nokia's Lumia 800 as a phone that was uniquely different.
After Apple won the case, the joke making the rounds (on twitter, facebook, blogosphere) was that Samsung was going to pay in trucks loaded with Nickel coins (a nickel is 5cents). Now that I think of it, maybe it was Nokia who started that joke! Anyway, today Nokia just tweeted a pic... a very very funny pic, one aimed directly at Samsung. Ouch!

It's a pic with the caption: Which do you prefer? Spending $1Billion in fines or just simply adopting the Lumia 800.

The Knockout Punch:

I except the knockout punch to be delivered on Sept. 5th.


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