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Wednesday, August 29

Nokia to introduce next Gen. Play360 Speakers next week, Sept 5th. + Yellow Lumia WP8 coming

Nokia Play 360 Speakers

Nokia is set to unveil new wireless speakers next week, if you are familiar with the already existing popular NFC/Bluetooth wireless speakers from Nokia, the Play360 (which now cost $133 via AmazonUS), then get ready to meet what might just be its successor.

Nokia is teaming up with audio gadget makers JBL to bring you their next innovation in wireless speaker technology.
If you are not familiar with JBL, they are a unit of Harman international Industries, you should have seen the name "Harman" on speakers, whether on your laptop, or on the speakers in your car. They are pretty BIG where it comes to producing quality audio.

Nokia US President tweeted about them today (Aug. 29th)...

Hans Henrik Lund, head of accessories at the mobile-phone maker, said in an interview. Speakers will come in a variety of colors, including “bold” yellow, as Nokia sticks to coordinating device and accessory design, Lund said. So that means we will see Yellow WP8 Nokia Lumia, in addition to Cyan, Magenta, Black and White.
Remember the Nokia Phi device that was leaked? that was yellow, right?

These Nokia/JBL NFC wireless speakers are sure to catch everyone's attention along side a color matching Lumia WP8 device.

Sept 5th is a week away now!

Source: BusinessWeek


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