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Thursday, August 9

Nokia's windows phones FINally passes symbian in FINland

For the first time in Nokia's home country Finland, Windows Phones have overtaken Symbian.
Nokia's Lumia range has seen steady progressive growth in Finland and today StatCounter is reporting that based on browser usage, there are now more Windows Phones (Lumia) than Symbian phones in the country.

This is good news as Nokia builds it company around the Windows platform, and it shows its home people are in support of it!

Windows Phone growth in Finland

Of course, Finland isn't Nokia main priority right now, they are focused on bigger markets, the US market is Nokia's main focus for domination, and why their flagship phone didn't do too well, it did beat expectations but it will take something special for Lumia to see the kind of growth we are witnessing in Finland. especially in the US market strongly dominated by iPhone and Android.

Here is a graph showing how difficult the road is for Lumia in the US, the Windows Phone line is barely visible!

Poor Windows Phone growth in the US

However, with the coming emergence of Windows Phones 8 by Nokia and the addition of its free, yet premium maps services and the captivating PureView technology, It's a sure bet windows phone will gain significant growth in the coming quarters.

How long do you think it will take before windows phone becomes a formidable opponent to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android?


Source: StatCounter


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