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Wednesday, August 29

Photo Leak: Yellow Nokia WP8 Lumia Phone leaks!

Here is a new leak of yet another Nokia WP8 phone. the photo shows the back of a yet to be seen Nokia device.
Don't know what device this is, Phi? Arrow? or a third device?
What I do know is, it is Yellow and guess what it looks exactly like the concept Nokia released last year... Safe to say, if it is anything like this concept, then YAY NOKIA!

Breaking down the image:

So I decided to take our "blurry" image and make it clearer...

  • it's a nokia (obviously, it's written right there!)
  • It's got a camera and a single LED flash, so this is definitely not the PureView WP8 phone we are all waiting for.
  • It's got a 3.5mm jack.
  • It's got your traditional Volume, Power/lock and camera buttons on the right side of the phone just like existing Lumia phones, so we know for sure this is a Nokia Windows Phone
  • Just like the N9/Lumia 800 and 900, it's got a polycarbonate, well what looks like a polycarbonate unibody with irreplaceable battery.
  • i still cannot make out what's that dot on the bottom right corner there!
 It's safe to say this is a mid/low range wp8 device, same range as the Lumia 710 most probably.


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