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Saturday, August 25

Samsung's $1B loss to Apple and what this means for Nokia's WP8 devices

What a Week! For Nokia I mean.
While Apple's popping champagne on their victory against Samsung over patent infringement, Nokia and Microsoft also are popping bubbly champagne too.
Samsung, the Biggest Android manufacturer was dealt a heavy blow last week in the US, when the Jury found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple design patents and ordered them to pay up to  $1Billion (if you spend $1000 a day, you will still have more than enough to last 30+ life times)

But I'm not hear to give my opinion on whether the ruling was fair or not. that's a whole different issue

I'm hear to discuss the ramifications and how awesome this ruling is for struggling Nokia.


It will now cost Samsung much more to make Android phones, they will have to do a complete design overhaul and this will take time and lots of effort (after all, they are not Nokia).

With the leading maker of Android banned from making anymore Android devices in the US, this is a HUGE "window" of opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone

Here is our favourite foul-mouthed Nokia Fan theGeneralDestroyer on the Samsung verdict...

It now seems Samsung will be starting from scratch, redesigning the physical appearance of their phones and any Apple-like UX on android

OEMs will have to reconsider using android, though Android maybe free, the licenses they will now have to pay will cost much more. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform is now the cheaper option and Nokia's is already way ahead of them!

Little wonder why Nokia's stock has been on the rebound since the start of the trial, and I expect to see huge bumps in their value this coming week.

Stephen Elop must be the luckiest CEO in the world right, everything is just falling into place. Samsung's downfall becomes Nokia's rise.

I expect Nokia Ad campaign for the it's new phone to go something like '"we didn't copy anyone, it's pure innovation" or something like that

 the true winner here is Windows Phone!


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