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Tuesday, August 21

Which Lumia features do you love the most?

As you already know, the next generation of Lumia devices (running WP8) are set to debut in 2weeks, and with it will come many many new, cool, amazing features.
And with the emergence of this dominant species, will bring with it, the gradual extinction of first generation Lumia phones.
So let's look back almost a year ago, when the Lumia 800 was announced and what features it came with and which one of those features' your favourite.

For me (and this might sound lame, but remember, this is coming from a Symbian user), the one feature on Lumia phones I cannot live without is... the keyboard, from its responsiveness, accuracy and the ever so pleasant knocking sound it makes when you type (actually, this is the one feature I am most fond of). If i need to type, whether its a short text message or a long email, I always make sure my phones volume is at 30/30 so I can enjoy the "knocking" sound, I have actually typed messages, and after a couple of words into the message and realizing my phone is on vibrate, I usually crank up the volume, wipe the message and start typing all over again!

Surely, there are more important features (like Nokia maps, drive, people hub, centralized email viewing and more) but I enjoy the little things.

So what's your best Lumia feature?

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  1. i totally agree with you...for second most loved feature are the subte graphics in the applications like mails...where when you swipe the screen..the text in the lower line of the mail comes a little after the main heading...i just love that....i hope you get what i tried to explain..