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Sunday, September 16

A couple of videos showing Symbian Belle FP2 running on Nokia 808 PureView

Here are a couple of videos showing the new Symbian Belle update: Feature Pack 2 (FP2) running on the Nokia 808.
Showing off the new Music Player, Browser, Keyboard, new LockScreen and more..

This first video is from MNB, there's even a nice comparison with the Lumia 900.

Here is another look at the FP2.

I really love the new keyboard, as you know the keyboard has been a major problem on Symbian phones, especially when using in portrait mode, though I think the problem is based on the fact that Nokia Symbian phones are just too narrow, making it a hassle to using the keyboard in that layout.
I am still hoping for one more Symbian device, one with a wider screen.


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