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Tuesday, September 4

Appisode 123: Awesome Sheep for Nokia Lumia

Have you ever had trouble counting sheep? Maybe you should try herding them first!
Awesome Sheep is a puzzle game where you have to herd sheep to your barn, but its not that simple, you have to be calculative, using simple controls to guide them so they are unharmed along the way.
I have always been a fan of such intellectual games, I fancied this one because I remember there is something like this on Symbian, I believe it's called fuzzies, can't quite remember.
but here is a quick demo of Awesome Sheep...

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
It is a nicely designed game, the almost 3D graphics work rather nicely too, I can't find fault in this, if you love these kind of puzzle games, I would rate this among the top 5, except maybe for poor audio choice, but that's my preference

You can get Awesome Sheep from the marketplace for $0.99 or try it for free!


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