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Tuesday, September 4

Appisode 124: Premium Pool for Nokia Lumia

When I first demoed this game, it was still in it's infant stage, you could only play with the AI. This is Premium Pool a nice and simple Pool simulation game. What got me was the physics engine of the game, so realistics.
The game has since been updated, and you can now play with a buddy next to you, there isn't any online mode yet, hopefully this will come in the future.
But if you love pool, then this is a good start.

App Grade:

Grade Remarks:
I always sucked at playing pool, whether its on a PC, mobile phone or real life, and while this premium pool gives you a nice engine to learn the game on, there are still a lot of key features missing, features that would have made this game greater than it is currently.

You can play Premium Pool for free.


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