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Wednesday, September 5

Appisode 126: GeoDefense Swarm for Nokia Lumia

One of the most popular games just made its way to windows phone, Geodefense Swarm is a pretty addictive game. You have to stop the swarm of enemies from reaching the gates, you stop them by posting defense mechanisms at strategic locations along the path to obliterate the enemy before they get to the exit/gate.
the sound quality on this is awesome, the graphics are "tron legacy like" and the controls are easy to use, in that you don't really have to control anything apart from place your weapons. They fire automatically!
You are awarded points for every enemy you kill, points you can then use to upgrade your weapons or even post new weapons on ground!

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
Geodefense Swarm is a welcome addition to the Xbox live collection, it's got the quality.

You can buy GeoDefense Swarm for $2.99 from the Marketplace


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