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Friday, September 7

Appisode 129: Undead Carnage for Nokia Lumia

Undead Carnage: Redemption, is a slasher RPG, where you have to slash every single zombie you come across, and these zombies are tough, I mean tough!
If you have played Draw Slasher (popular N9 game), then this right here is "Draw Slasher" on Steroids! You kill the zombies not only with your machete but you have a gun also and you can use the combination of these weapons to create nice combos...

App Grade: 
Grade Remarks:
I give it an A-, It's a fun game, you've got the gameboy-like touch controls at the bottom, nice graphics and sound effects, it's got a catchy story line too, but I just see it as a game that you easily get tired of playing after a couple of days or no more than a week.

The good thing is that it's FREE from the marketplace


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