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Friday, September 7

Appisode 130: Rizing for Nokia Lumia

Here's is a dual control arcade-like game for you, Rizing! The aim of the game is pretty simple.. Survival, just stay alive for as long as possible and aim at getting the highest score.
One thing I love about Rizing is the power-Ups you get during the game, different types of missiles also help you in your quest for HIGH SCORE! Oh and ever so often you get to go against the BIG BOSS!

App Grade:
App Remarks:
You are probably wondering why it got a B, huh? It's a good game, kind of reminds me of the popular arcade game "Alien Invasion" but this is more free moving.
The main problem I had with this game was the controls, see it's dual controlled meaning you need 2 thumbs to play, and Ifound on occasion that my thumbs were obstructing my view of the game!

Rizing is a fun, mildly addictive game and the occasional battle with the boss will keep you playing.
You can get Rizing from the marketplace for FREE! (Ads included)


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