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Saturday, September 8

Appisode 132: T.I.T.A.N for Nokia Lumia

T.I.T.A.N, a must-have game, there are a couple of dual controlled games I love and this here is one of them (the other is square off).
In T.I.T.A.N, you are in a robot-suit (better than Iron-Man) and you have been sent to a base to find out what's going on over there and the robot on the based turn against you, now you must fight your way to (what I believe is the main control room) figure out why you are the enemy all of a sudden.
Thankfully, you have your robot suit (did I say better than Iron-Man's suit?) and it is equipped with all kinds of weapons and cool gadgets that will help you in your quest for the truth.
You can also upgrade your armor too!

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
I rarely give a game/app an A+, but this is one game I picked up and I couldn't stop playing till I finished it.
You have got to try this out, the dual controls dont obstruct your view and the game-play is just fluid and alot of fun, it's got a nice arcade feel to it also. Good Good Game!

T.I.T.A.N is in the marketplace for FREE! yup it's FREE.


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