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Sunday, September 9

Appisode 133: Gorilla Gondola for Nokia Lumia

Gorilla Gondola is a multi control game (you use both tough and tilt function to play), and that already makes it too serious for me.
In this game, you get to guide this overgrown, banana-eating ape, to the end of the ride, while picking up bananas on your way, oh did I mention he is standing on a lift carriage (not sitting inside one like normal apes do).
use your touch to move the carriage up or down and pick up bananas or dodge obstacles, the tilt function is to scroll the carriage left or right. It's a combination of these controls and your mastery of them that will determine how good you are.

the whole game-play and the picking bananas also remind me of Donkey Kong Country, yea?

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
It's not bad, love the innovation behind the game, the background music is lively (makes sure you don't fall asleep), there is a good amount of skill involved in this game, almost takes the fun out of it in my opinion.
overall, it is an OK game that requires finesse.

Gorilla Gondola is in the marketplace, it will cost you $2.99, but you can also try it out first.


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