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Sunday, September 9

Appisode 134: Yelp! for Nokia Lumia

You must all be familiar with Yelp!
Your one-stop for reviews of places around you, restaurants? bars? malls?
Well here is Yelp's official Windows Phone App!

Yelp! is known for its user reviews and experiences of places, making it kind of "word of mouth" location. Though it seems companies are starting to pay for users to enter in good reviews about them.

App Grade:

Grade Remarks:
I am Giving this App a C- (actually it should be lower than that), for one main reason, you cannot post your reviews, this almost makes the app useless, you can read reviews on it but you cannot post reviews and those are the two main functions of Yelp! So unless we see an update in the future, this is just what it is.

While I am still appalled by this App, I am happy that it is at least available on the windows phone platform, though a lot of work needs to be done on it.
You can get Yelp! on the marketplace for FREE.


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