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Tuesday, September 11

Appisode 137: Shuriken Ninja for Nokia Lumia

What's a Ninja without his Ninja Stars? and what's a Ninja if he can't use his stars? these are questions you will have to answer when you play Shuriken Ninja.
In this game you get to throw your stars at moving targets, seems simple enough until you get to higher levels where you are faced with obstacles and harder targets to aim at.
there are targets that give you higher points and the main aim of the game is to use as little amount of stars as possible to get every target.
All in all, it is a fun game, maybe not really addictive but fun!

App Grade:

Grade remarks:
This game is simple enough in terms of play-ability, but regarding difficulty level, it is pretty hard, I mean the first few levels are easy enough but it gets harder pretty quickly, maybe I just lost interest in it too early or its something else but it is a fun game, i just don't think it is an addictive one, it's one you would love to play on occasion, don't expect it to keep you up at night though.

Shuriken Ninja is available from the marketplace for FREE, there is an Ad-Free version but that will cost you $1.99, you can get that HERE


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