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Tuesday, September 11

Appisode 138: Snake of Balls for Nokia Lumia

The ever popular Classic Snake game from Nokia more than a decade agao is still getting spin offs, and here is one of them, "Snake of Balls".
Snake of Balls is a 3D game where you control a snake made of balls (hence the name "snake of balls") through rooms, empty spaces and levels to eat fruit (balls) and grow longer 9just like in the classic).
But this is a not so impressive spin off, I mean apart from the 3D render of the game, the controls are nothing to write home about, you have to tilt to turn and that alone is a hassle.
but good concept, above average execution and we have ourselves a snake game in 3D.

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
I like the game, but my major concern are the controls, not as refined as I would have hoped but nonetheless, it is an above average game.

Snake of Balls will cost you $0.99 from the marketplace, the good news there is you don't have to plan a budget just to buy this, there is a FREE version but that only lets you play a couple of levels.


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