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Wednesday, September 12

Appisode 139: Steam Castle for Nokia Lumia

Now here is a simple game for you, Steam Castle. How simple? All you have to do is defend the castle from impending attack from flying enemy crafts, all sorts of them.
This game kind of reminds me of that episode from Voltron where they had to defend the Castle of Lions from Lotar, Hagar and their henchmen, but I digress!
Steam Castle here is really fun, it's a survival game where you have to keep the castle in one piece for as long as possible, to do so, you just have to take down every enemy craft before they take you down!
There are 3 different levels for your amusement: Normal, Hard and Insane!
just touch the screen to aim and watch your missiles deploy, aiming and timing will need to be preciese if you want to survive. There are also power ups which you can get by shooting down the "flying picnic baskets".

App Grade:
Grade remarks:
You can't ask for a more simpler, fun and addictive game than this. this is what mobile gaming should look like!

 You can enjoy Steam Castle from the Marketplace for FREE!


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