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Wednesday, September 12

Appisode 140: The Harvest for Nokia Lumia

The Harvest... All I can say is AMAZING GRAPHICS!! This is an RPG for the ages.
It only caught my attention because of the graphics, it's amazing, I cannot emphasize on that enough, when you play this game for the first time, you first thought would be wow, i wonder how this would look on a 50inch TV screen!
I am not really an RPGamer myself, but if I was this would definitely be in my top 3 RPGames on the WP platform.
In "The Harvest" you get to use a character who is fighting for Earth, though other characters are unlocked as you progress in the game, as other RPGs, you get items, upgrades you have to manage and the occasional in flux of enemies you have to fight off, I never really paid attention to the storyline for this game, just awed by the superb gameplay.

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
I would give this an A, but sometimes it just seems the game drags on, there is too much walking around involved in this one, we need more action, or maybe its me, I never had the patience for RPGs.

The Harvest is awesome, so no wonder it joined the ranks of awesome games as an Xbox live game, but that will come at a cost, the Harvest costs $6.99 from the marketplace, that's a lot, but if you truly dig RPG (Role Playing Games), then you shouldn't have a problem getting this.


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