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Sunday, September 16

Appisode 141: A look at Nokia Music App, Exclusive to Nokia Lumia Phones

Here is a look at the recently launched Nokia Music app in the Us with the help of hit band Green Day.

Nokia Music is now a viable contender to other music streaming services like Pandora,, Spotify and even iTunes. Nokia Music give you access to music, with its wide variety of playlists to choose from, or you can create yours too, you can also pin your favourite playlists to the start screen, now how neat is that huh?Also download it and play it even when you are offline.
It doesn't end there, you can also buy music, so if you love a song and want to own it, simply buy it right there, you have the option to get a song or an album.
If you love knowing who's performing around you, the GIGS feature shows you what music gigs are upcoming in your vicinity.
Nokia Music also creates a music profile for you based on the songs you have stored on PC, just connect your phone to your PC, it scans it and creates your music profile, another innovative feature from Nokia

Here is a look at the features available on Nokia Music:
  • create your own custom radio, 
  • isten to different genres, 
  • enjoy music charts from more than 20 countries, 
  • make music available offline
  • See music concerts/gigs near you, get info on them and even get directions too!
  • buy music
  • Create your personal music profile
Here is a demo of the Nokia Music App;

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
It's an all-in-one music ap and quite frankly does something either pandora, iTunes or cannot do and that's give you a nice music app with impressive features that are all about you! A well deserved A+.

Nokia Music is exclusive to Nokia Lumia Phones and you can get it for FREE from the Nokia Collection section in the marketplace.


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