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Wednesday, September 19

Appisode 144: Nokia trailers for Nokia Lumia

Here is another one of Nokia's exclusive apps: Nokia Trailers!
With this you can be up to date with the latest movies, trailers, news and synopsis on your fave movies.
Nokia Trailers is your one stop hub for movie trailers, you can even get showtimes, theatres near you and directions too.
you can even download your trailers to watch at a leter time, there is also a reminder that reminds you of when a movie premieres

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
While it's a app that rivals Flixster and IMDB apps on windows phone, it lacks one major function... SEARCH! It's a glaring omission, I don;t know how Nokia missed it. It's a movie app that does not allow you to search for your movie.

Nokia Trailers is exclusive to only Nokia Lumia phones, just search for it under the Nokia Collection section in the marketplace.


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