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Wednesday, September 19

Appisode 145: Spotify for Nokia Lumia

Spotify, popular online music streaming service, is officially available on Nokia Lumia. You now have access to one of the biggest music libraries online, but it comes at a price: $9.99/month. It's pricey, but think about it, any song you want, just search for it and listen to it instantly, even create playlists or sync locally stored music on your PC to your phone, now isn't that worth something.
To use this app you need to be a premium subscriber ($9.99/month).

App Grade:
Grade Remarks:
It should really be a D, this app is far from complete, all it offers is just the basic stuff, and it is still quite unstable, a lot of features missing, features like custom radio and more. I feel this app was hurried and no one has had the time to brush up on it, even the Spotify app on the Nokia N9 is 9 times better than this.
But it does work, allows you to do what makes Spotify popular and that's search for your fave music, create your own playlists, share with friends on spotify, make music available online.

Get Spotify for FREE from the marketplace, but that wouldn't matter if you do not have premium membership with Spotify


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