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Monday, September 10

Collection of the New and Impressive Nokia Lumia 910/820 "Hands On" videos

After Nokia launched the Lumia 920 and 820 last week, we got to see the first ever Dual Core Windows Phone 8 phones from Nokia, but that's not what got everyone's attention. It was what was inside these phones that gave us the WOW factor...
Here are a collection of hands on videos from different tech blogs and awesome individuals who got a chance to see these phones in action...
This first video is from anadshimpi, here we get to see the wireless charging working, the awesome cinemagraph lens app that brings your photos to life 9kind of like those animated .gif pictures people used as avatars), demo with the wireless JBL speakers/wireless charging dock, stabilization in video recording is also demoed here and one of my best... the super sensitive touch screen, where you can use your keys to control the phone!

Here is a nice comparison between the Lumia 920 and the Galaxy S3, attention is given to how well the Lumia 920 takes remarkable photos even in low light conditions

In this next video from PhoneDog we get to see a RED Lumia 920 in action, check out the cinemagraph picture produced here, pretty awesome stuff, the Nokia maps is also demoed here, it is super responsive and fast now, the Nokia Transit App also has a new splash screen now...

Here is the hands on for the Lumia 820, also got super sensitive display and more,

And here is a side by side look at both the Lumia 820 and 920 brought to you by mobilegeeks, both phones have dual core CPUs by SnapDragon, (though quad core is now on most high end Android phones now), the 920 has PureView camera, 4.5inch screen, 820 has Carl Zeiss lens and on a 4.3inch screen.


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