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Thursday, September 20

Comparing the award winning Nokia Maps with the competition.

I remember the first phone I used Nokia's free turn by turn navigation on, it was the still ever so popular 5800! that was back in 2008, and before then when Nokia Maps turn by turn navigation was introduced it was a paid service, I bet many didn't know that.

Here is a look at a neat comparison sheet between the Nokia Maps and the competition (Google and Apple's maps services).
It's a no-brainer that Nokia Map is now the best map provider, after winning the "App of the award year" at this year's Know Your mobile.
Amazon also ditched google maps on its new Kindle Fire tablets in favor of Nokia's lacation services, if that doesn't speak enough about the awesomeness of Nokia maps, then what will?

Here is a nice sheet showing how effective the Nokia maps is when compared with the google and Apple maps...

Looking at the spread there, it is pretty clear Nokia's got the edge, from the widest coverage for turn by turn navigation to its offline services to augmented reality, Nokia is a pioneer when it comes to location services.

Here is a map of the word showing Nokia's coverage (in blue), that's more than 90% of the earth!

In caomparison, here is what Google and Apple cover globally...

Google                                                                                    Apple

You can read more on this on Nokia Conversations


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