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Sunday, September 23

Does the iPhone5 truly have the most advanced display? or the Lumia 920!

This is the umpteenth comparison between the Nokia Lumia 920 and either the iPhone5 or SGSIII.
I'm sure like me, you are tired of it and just want Nokia to release the phone already.

When Tim Cook (Apple CEO) said "This truly is the world's most advanced display", he wasn't talking about the Nokia Lumia 920 (I thought he was), NO! He was talking about the iPhone5. While iPhone users went WOW! everyone else begged to differ.
Nokia unveiled its latest display technology called PureMotion HD+ and here is a self explanatory video on what it does...

PureMotion HD+ makes for an even more smoother transition of pixels, by allowing the pixels run 2 times faster.

So it was only a matter of time before some made an educated comparison between the both phones.

The images below show just how the iPhone5 display does when stacked up against the Lumia 920.
Though the Lumia 920 isn't available yet, I am sure when it does come out, the final comparison will be better than this...

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