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Thursday, September 27

Gray Lumia 920 spotted! Looks Amazing! I'm confused!

Since the launch of Lumia 920 and 820, my color choice has been either glossy white or yellow. The red,  black versions I have seen look good, but I am really torn between white or yellow, until Engadget posted these pictures on the gray Lumia 920 and I am back to square one!

I'm confused now, the gray looks sooo cool! and it's matte finish too, #faint

I can now see myself at an At&t store for hours trying to figure out which color to get. I think a close look and good feel should help anyone decided what color to get.

What's your color?

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  1. I have my eyes set YELLOW right now, but I very much prefer matte over glossy. It's just...less girly, what can I say. Having said that...gray just might be my final choice once Oct _ _ rolls by. Slick look, and let's face it...matte is the new black. And gray is more versatile, and fitting, especially for a non-hipster like myself. Definitely more of a "for all occasions" kinda color. Either way...the 920 is gonna be unreal! Stoked.

  2. Yea i think I am getting gray too! you are def right, it's the new black!

  3. Dang can't unsee that! I wanted the red one but that Matte Grery is badass!