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Monday, September 3

Hands On Video: Nokia's New Purity Pro Wireless Headsets released.

Last week at IFA in Berlin, Nokia released the new Purity Pro Wireless Headsets, a cool successor to the Purity on-ear headsets.
These new accessories come are wireless, you can connect to them both via Bluetooth or NFC connection (simple tap and pair).
They are available in Black, Red, Yellow and White
They are foldable and when unfolded, the bluetooth and noise cancellation are automatically activated and vice versa!
Just like its predeccessor, the Purity Pro was developed in conjunction with Monster (same guys who make the "Beats by Dr.Dre" headset range).

The retail price for these are a hefty €299, don't know how much that is in dollars, but it does sound like a lot!

Here is a hands on video with the headsets:


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