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Friday, September 21

Is Nokia planning to light up the Eiffel tower this weekend?

Nokia just posted a photo from underneath the Eiffel tower in Paris with the caption "See something amazing this weekend"

My best bet is that it could be some promotional stunt for the Lumia 920, to be specific maybe the entire Eiffel tower will light up with Lumia colors, or there could be a lighting display, knowing how elaborate Nokia has been in the past with its promotions, none of these assumptions are far fetched!

I will keep you posted!

Source: Nokia FaceBook

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  1. WHO CARES ABOUT IT? Nokia don't ave money to manufacture demanded Nokia N9 but they want to spend money to illuminate a building? Is it sane? I doubt it is!! Thay should care more for customers and supply Nokia N9 instead of wasting money!!!!