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Thursday, September 27

Lumia clearly excels in video stabilization against the SGSIII and HTC One X

The guys from engadget went to Nokia House in Finland to confirm what we all have heard and seen since September 5th.
They confirmed that Nokia Lumia 920 is the phone to beat when it comes to taking pictures in low light situations and in reocrding in shaky situations to produce stable videos (video stabilization).

They put the Lumia 920 against the other top guns in the mobile industry at the moment (Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone5, HTC One X) and the Lumia 920 beat every single one of them confidently.

Here is the Lumia video stabilization up against the SGSII and HTC one X

I don't know about you but I just want one already!

Source: Engadget


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