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Monday, September 3

More leaked images of Nokia WP8 phones? Wireless charging?

I am still 50:50 when it comes to leaked renders of unconfirmed devices, anyone can use a good 3D software to create them.

@evleaks has released more press photos of the rumoured Lumia 820 and 920 (not even sure if that's what Nokia is going to call them).

The above image shows what appears to be the 2 phones taken side by side with a yellow Nokia Luna bluetooth headset.

@evleaks is also confirming what I wrote about the upcoming windows phones from Nokia, and that is wireless charging, I wrote about being tipped by a Verizon top employee about Nokia windows phone coming to verizon with wireless charging, well it just might be true if these images turn out to be authentic...

I am actually sick of all these leaks, and if I can (and I already have), I would like to kindly ask @evleaks to stop leaking pics, I think we all can wait anoth 48hours to see the official unveiling of the new Nokia WP8 phones!


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