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Wednesday, September 5

More Proof that the Nokia PureView Ad is FAKE!

Apparently someone with Eagle eyes (who also drank a lot of coffee this morning) spotted something odd in the video demo for Pureview, showing off the optical image optimization feature (OIS).

OIS makes it possible for you to record smooth video, even when you have shaky hands (like me).

This Video shows our girl on a bicycle being filmed by a dude on his own bicycle, and guess what the video finish is absolutely amazing, no shaky shaky whatsoever, wow! surely that's not possible in this age and time, there has to be something behind it..
Well, there is... Check out what what got caught in the glass reflection behind our girl on a bicycle...


Yup, that's a cameraman on the side of the white van filming our girl on a bicycle, not the dude we thought was recording it using the OIS feature enabled on his Lumia phone...
Here is our dude and his girl riding together while he records her, obviously this was the same white van, in the above pic!
both are recorded from the white van!

But that's not all folks, upon further study of this 1 and a half min video, I discovered that our perp, the white van (as I shal now call it) made several more appearances in this video, appearances that will prove once and for all that this video is all faked to make us believe OIS actually works, because its can't possibly work, this is 2012, how can such technology exist!?

Ok, here is our white van again, this time it somehow managed to get on the carousel right in front of the girl (no longer on a bike), and film this awesome footage...

van on carousel, not the dude!

 If you still needed more proof, see the white van again making an appearance behind our girl, somehow it has managed to get just behind our girl (now on foot) just as the dude took photos, this is a really intelligent white van we are dealing with here!
white van spotted
 But of all the research I have done on this video, this is the ultimate proof right here, check out the white van trying to make a run for it just as the video is about to end, obviously, it had done enough fake filming for the day.
white van making speedy get-away

I would like to thank friends from the FBI forensics team for helping me uncover these acts of fakeism! and more thanks to TheVerge for pointing it out in the first place...

In case you don't have a sense of Humour, let me point out that this article was as sarcastic as it gets!


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