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Monday, September 17

My top 10 reasons why you should #SwitchtoLumia

There's a contest currently going on at Nokia's Facebook Page, 5 Lumia 920s are up for grabs and all you have to do is give a reason why you want the Lumia 920. Sounds simple no? but it isn't, there are more than one reason why I want the Lumia 920, and there are certainly more than 10 of them, but after hours of deliberation, here are my top 10 reasons why I want this.

#10 The Most Innovative SmartPhone:
Nokia released the Nokia Lumia 920 with a whole lot of innovative packed into a 4.5inch screen phone; from the curved screen (which debuted last year on the N9), the super sensitive touch screen, the PureView camera, its wide range of wireless capabilities and accessories, the PureMotion HD+ display. It doesn't take a genius to know what is the best phone today!

#9 Windows Phone 8, apps:
I'm going to finally see the finished, long awaited WP8 (aka Apollo), which promises a lot of features that will make Symbian fans (such as myself switch), new features like multi-tasking, new start screen, Siri-like built in app, new Camera UI, new Notification icons, ringtone maker.
But one of the main problems with the WP platform has been lack of apps, but it looks like all that is fading away FAST! we apps like Paypal, Netflix, WhatsApp, Groupon, AirFrance, BankofAmerica and other essential apps already on the platform and upcoming apps like WordsWithFriends, DrawSomething, Instagram coming real soon. It looks like finding your favourite apps wouldn't be a problem anymore.

#8  NFC:
The 920 comes equipped with an NFC chip, NFC is vastly becoming a standard on all high end smartphones, also on Android phones too, and Nokia is up to date equipping it 920 with the NFC, which will be used to make mobile payments, connect to accessories and share contents instantly just with the tap of phones.

#7 Color Options:
With most phones today only coming in Black or White, it's good to know we have a nice range of colors to choose from, the Lumia 920 will be available in Black, White and also Red, Yellow, Cyan, and even Gray. Knowing Nokia these might not be the only colors we will see, they could bring out even more colors along the road.

#6 Sturdy Hardware design, curved screen:

It's no news that Nokia has the best hardware and that dominance continues with the 920. I remember the rave reviews the N9/800 got for their design and revolutionary curved screen and as you know Nokia brought that back with the 920. After all, if it's not broke, don't fix it. The 920 is a bigger version of the Lumia 800, with a polycarbonate unibody and curved screen that makes the display pop. And if I know Nokia phones, this will come out with a minor scratch if dropped but regain its awesomeness.

#5 Nokia Maps Offline, Exclusive Apps:
Nokia Maps on the Lumia 920 is coming in offline mode too, and not just that, Nokia Maps will now be integrated with Nokia Drive. Even Groupon will be integrated in it.
Nokia's Map Suite is the best out there, even Amazon ditched Google's Maps and adopted Nokia Location based Services. I will be looking forward to enjoying Nokia Maps, Drive, Transport, City Lens. And these are exclusive to Nokia's WP phones, other exclusive apps are coming to: WordsWithFriends, DrawSomething, Bloomberg, WhatsApp are some of the Apps exclusive to Nokia. Even more reason why I want one now!

#4 PureMotion HD:
Nokia also introduced something new called PureMotion HD+, which allows for a smoother experience when using your phone, with awesome display (even outdoors).

#3 Wireless Charging:
Have you ever tripped over your charging cable and your phone goes crashing to the ground? (no problem it is a Nokia phone), no more, wireless charging is going to make cables obsolete and save you that trip to the emergency room, lol. I think life just got easier with the wireless charging. looking for the charging port on your phone? trying to align it properly with your cable? I am going to say bye bye to all that!

#2 PureView Camera:

Ever since, Nokia released the Nokia 808, with its monster 41MP camera with PureView technology, it was clear that Nokia had surpassed Sony as the leader of camera smartphones, its photos and video quality are superb, got rave reviews and everyone wanted to see this new PureView technology ported into a windows phone. Our Prayer's answered, PureView is now on the Lumia 920, touting a 8.7MP camera, with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) technology allowing you to take awesome pics even when you have shaky hands (like me) reducing blurriness, even video recording has shakiness reduced, and when compared with other smartphones the difference is clear.

#1 Super Sensitive Touch:
My best feature by far, the new synaptics touch screen on the Lumia 920, it is so awesome, you can now use your phone not just with your fingers, but also with gloves on or even with your car keys, this is my best feature because it's winter real soon, and I snowboard alot, I remember last winter having to take my gloves off everytime I wanted to take pictures with my N8, now all I have to do is just whip out my 920 and snap awesome photos with the awesome Pureview camera. This is probably going to be the best winter experience yet.

These are My top 10 reasons why I want a Lumia 920, there are more features we haven't even seen yet and I am sure everyone has one or more reasons why the Lumia 920 is their dream phone.


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