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Tuesday, September 18

New Nokia Suite Beta now supports Nokia Lumia Phones

Nokia Suite has a new beta version over at Nokia Betalabs; Nokia Suite v3.6.11 now allows you to sync and manage your Lumia Phone contents (music, pictures, video, contacts) to your PC.
The Nokia Suite recently got N9 support only a few months ago but now the windows phone running Lumia's are now supported on it.
This is welcome news for Symbian users who will be switching to a Lumia phone, we have all been used to Nokia Suite and this news that we can use it instead of the less intuitive Zune software is pretty encouraging.
And I guess Nokia realized this and made it possible.

You can get this latest Suite software for your PC from the Nokia Betalabs

Was Nokia Suite a factor for you in deciding whether to switch to Lumia phones?

Source: Nokia Betalabs

Via: SymbianTweet


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