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Monday, September 24

Nokia announce 2 new additions to the Asha Family: Asha 308 and 309

Nokia just announced the introduction of two new S40 low end phones; The Nokia Asha 308 and 309.

The Asha 308 and Asha 309 both feature 3-inch, scratch-resistant, capacitive touchscreens, a 2-megapixel camera, powerful built-in speakers and the fun-to-use Asha Touch operating system.

While the 309 has WiFi enabled, it features a single SIM while the 308 has the "Easy Swap Dual SIM" feature which allows you to swap SIMs without having to turn off your phone, this is a popular feature for phones especially in developing countries where GSM networks are mostly used.

Here are the official promo videos for the 308 and 309...

Nokia continues to rule the game when it comes to sleek affordable low end dual SIM phones, there isn't a competition in sight. I mean Nokia brings features to its low end phones that other OEMs only put in their high end phones, there aren't a lot of low budget phones with WiFi, nice sleek build, quality apps, awesome browser, quality games, developer support, smooth UI and more. Yet all these are on the Asha series and the introduction of 308 and 309 solidifies this.

Now that Nokia has cornered the low end market without a doubt, let's get down to business at the high end!

Source: Nokia Conversations


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