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Friday, September 7

Nokia Lumia 920: FAKE Promo Videos. REAL Awesome PureView Camera

We all know by now that the Promo Video for the Nokia Lumia 920 was not really shot with the 920.

Nokia failed to include a disclaimer in the promo video to state that the video wasn't actually shot with the Lumia 920, but it was a simulations of what the OIS technology is capable of (which is eliminating blurry images and improving pictures shot in low light conditions). this misled many to believe the video was indeed shot with the Lumia 920.

Nokia has since added the disclaimer to the video saying its a simulation and issued an apology for the confusion.
Here is the new video...

So what is real?
Well, to prove doubters wrong, Nokia invited theVerge (the guys who cried foul on the whole thing) to come test for themselves just what the Nokia Lumia 920 is capable of in low lights situations, they also had a chance to compare it with other competitors,
Here are the results..

It is clear from the images the Lumia 920 does take incredible low light photos, just look at how lit up the background is, you would think this was taken at day time!

I don't know why the Lumia 900 was included in this test, we all know it has the worst camera in the history of Nokia/Carl Zeiss phones!

However, the PureView and the whole OIS technology could not be proven as it isn't ready yet (makes sense why we saw a simulation video).
Nokia really goofed on this one, but let's remember they owned up to it, apologized and showed us what the Lumia 910 really does and what it is going to do.

Imagine if Apple was caught doing this? their response would be "you are watching it wrong".

Source: TheVerge


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