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Friday, September 14

Nokia Lumia 920 in True Blood Red!! I've got to have it!

I noticed Nokia just released another hands on video with the Lumia 920, but this time, it is the RED one... TRUE Blood RED! And it is gorgeous.
In a world where other phones come in black and white, you know what I am talking about ha! it's good to know we have the option to choose from a variety of colors, I remember checking out the Black, White and Cyan Lumia 900 when they first came out, eventually I went for the white, because I love the glossy finish, and I still wonder how it is never stained. I still don't know which color to go for when the Lumia 920 hits store, especially now that White isn't the only color with glossy finish, there's yellow, red.. just check out the video...

I got to have it....I got to have it....I got to have it.... That's what I kept saying while watching this video, so much so that I remember this hip hop song by Jermaine Dupri from the movie "Big Momma's House...


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