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Thursday, September 20

Nokia Lumia 920: One Phone to rule then all (Score Card comparison)

What everyone (myself included) is the official word on when the new Nokia Lumia 920 will be available, it has already been made clear that it is the one phone to rule them all!

Polls have been popping up all over the web asking consumers to pick from either the SGIII, iPhone5 or the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 920 has won every single one of them, the only downside now is that consumers dont know when it will be available :(

image mashed up by Ammar

From to to and even, the Lumia 920 garners so much accolades, it reminds me of the N9 when it was first revealed (we all know how that turned out). But this is different, there is no DOA signature on this one, this is the real deal.

Here  is a nice score card comparing the 3 heavyweights in the smartphone industry right now...

This score is out of 5 and this is being compared with the best spec. till date. For example, Nokia Lumia has the best camera and samsung sIII is rated 3.5/5 with reference to Nokia 920 which has the best camera on a phone. But here its been rated only 4.5 because there might be detractors who do not agree with the fact that Nokia 920 has the best camera. The columns which are rated "Zero"  cannot be consider for rating since it might be the dimensions of the mobile or a particular feature would have been missed by the mobile manufacturer

This was put together by Parasaran Kumar!


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