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Tuesday, September 4

Nokia releases a couple more teaser videos, kinda confirms wireless charging, NFC

Nokia has released more teaser videos leading up to tomorrow's BIG announcement.

Here is the first one, thisis a sequel to the lady (model) cat-walking down the street, remember she got nice review about that one shoe shop, well in this video you goes to check out what shoes they have, the shoes come in different colors and there is a price tag in one pair of shoes with a red dot on it, something that I will go out on a limb here and say is an NFC tag!
Check it out...

The second video, our mystery lady (model) is home now and finds a bunch of wires all mangled up, ghastly sight, she just dumps them in a bin, as if to say I will no longer be needing them. This kinda confirms wireless capabilities with the new Lumia phones..

Check it out...

It's less than 24hrs now!


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