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Saturday, September 1

Nokia Rises! (by Parasaran Kumar)

Apple and Android giving its best shot with the upcoming iphone 5 and Motorola DROID RAZR M 4G LTE respectively. What about Nokia?  Well, feel that for yourself this month, Nokia is about to launch its new series of windows phones and Tablets. 

What does Nokia have, to stand out of the crowd?
  • ·         We have the market.
  • ·         We have the best service
  • ·         We have the quality hardware and software
  • ·         The features
  • ·         The apps  (more than 1lakh app)
  • ·         Last but not least, Nokia Fans!

Samsung has already unveiled a phone based on Windows Phone 8 prior to the Nokia's big release but the Finnish company is primarily focusing  on WP8 which means that Nokia would be delivering matchless and exceptional phones.
Talking about the service that Nokia offers, Nokia's support would be there for no less than 2 years.  Nokia N8 was released in the year 2010 nevertheless we have updates rolling out now & then and that is the Quality of Service provided by Nokia which is not provided by the other mobile companies.
Going on for the apps, Windows Phone 8 has more than 100 thousand apps and there are more interesting apps to be rolled out soon.
We have loads of features packed in one single device. The top end (Nokia PHI) is expected to have pureview technology ( the best Camera) , 4G LTE, WIFI-Off-loading, voice recognition, short-range radio technology for wireless payments, larger and brighter screen (HD) with blameless  resolution and built-in maps for navigation. The other devices might come up with something lower that would fit people who cannot afford a top-end.
This is no last chance for Nokia but this is the beginning of the rise of Nokia. For fear that Nokia failed to survive  the market, which will not happen, it always has a backup plan and that is none other than the Symbian. The latest is yet to come that is Nokia Donna (Belle FP 2) that has several optimised features and manages the resources well. If Nokia agrees to handshake with Google, that would be the end of Apple. Hence if the new Lumia phones do not appeal to consumers when they are unveiled on 5th Sept, it is not the end of Nokia.
What should be added to make it better?
As I have mentioned in my earlier post, Nokia will stand out of the crowd if they run on a Quad-Core that has Pureview camera, HD display (HD recording 1080p), good battery life, projector, dual sim card option, rigid external , QWERTY keyboard as an option, HDMI, USB and good memory running on  WP8.
Nokia Nokia Nokia! Nokia everywhere in this blog! If people are worn out admiring and praising Nokia, well it is high time you contribute a suggestion that would transform Nokia!

                                                                                                                                                                                                - Parasaran


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