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Friday, September 21

Nokia TGIF: Vertu Constellation Blue: Luxurious version of the E6

Last time I heard I thought Nokia sold its luxury phone division (Vertu) to some investment company on europe (EQT VI). I don't know if that deal got finalized already.
But a new Vertu device is here and it takes inspiration from the Nokia E6

Vertu phones run on Symbian and are super SUPER DUPER expensive! I'm talking from 4-figures to 6-figures price tags!!

The Vertu phones are made from ordinary phone materials, they are made from a combination of true leather and precious stones (some have real diamonds in them).

So Symbian and expensive huh? those are 2 reasons you probably will never see this phone in the wild ;)

If I ever had money for one of these, I don't think I would ever use them to make calls, just frame it and hang on my wall as a "work of art" and lock that wall in a room sized vault that uses the same security the US uses to guard the Federal Reserves!

Happy weekend!


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