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Friday, September 14

Nokia TGIF: Video Proof that iPhone users are brain-washed + iPhone5 Music Video.

If you read my rant on how baffled I am that Apple manages to sell a NEW OLD phone every year.
Well, here is the answer... iPhone users are brain-washed zombies.

Here is a video from one of America's funny late night show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, he asks a wide variety of iphone users what they thought about the new iPhone5 (while he shows them what is actually an iPhone 4), and to my amazement they all fall for it, one even compares it to here iphone and says it is faster and bigger (when infact she has the same phone in hands), another users says it is definitely lighter.
WOW, i guess that solves it, that's why Nokia's having such a hard time competing, how can you compete with that? Where do you even begin?
 Just watch this...

Nokia has the job of convincing iPhone users that their phones are not all that, and after watching this video, it is going to be an even tougher job than I had imagined.

Thank God it's Friday, so let's end the week with this music video called iPhone5 Parody featuring Steve Job's hologram. Enjoy! You are going to love this.


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