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Tuesday, September 4

Nokia wireless charging pad. Does more than just charge your phone?

After seeing the latest teaser video from Nokia...

Showing a lady (model) who gets home and finds a bundle of tangled up wires, she then proceeds to toss the bundle in a basket bin as if to say I wouldn't be needing this anymore.
So the question I asked is what wouldn't she be needing?
Here is a list of all the cables our pretty lady (with the nice haircut) wouldn't be needing...
  • A 3meter long ethernet cable. (for internet connection)
  • A FireWire 800 cable (for transferring files)
  • An A/C adapter (for charging)
  • 2 x 1 meter long USB2.0 cables (for transferring files at 12Mbps)

So if she didn't need all these cables, is it safe to say that the wireless pad that Nokia is going to introduce, doesn't just charging your phone, but will also act as an add-on for your device? much like what a docking station does for a laptop?
Will the wireless pads, also allow you to somehow transfer data between your phone and any other device/PC/MAC, will it allow you to connect to the internet?

It will be pretty cool if the wireless pad doesn't just charge your phone!


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