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Sunday, September 16

Nokia's Vice President of Entertainment, Jyrki Rosenberg talks Nokia Music in the US

Nokia has finally released its Music streaming service app: Nokia Music in the US. Yes, you can now listen to you favorite artists, customize your own radio or even find music gigs near you!

Nokia decided to launch the Nokia Music app with the help of hit band Green Day, Nokia's also loves to find an excuse to treat us to free concerts from major artists, remember Nicki Minaj launching the Lumia 900 in a mini-concert in NYC.

Here is Nokia's Vice-President of Entertainment, Jyrki Rosenberg in an interview with WSJ talking about the new Nokia Music App which is exclusive to Lumia Phones, its impressive features and Nokia's commitment to bringing premium music content to everyone who owns a Lumia.
With Nokia Music, Nokia now joins in the fight for Music streaming service, now rivaling Apple's iTunes, Pandora and even Spotify.

Source: WSJ


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